Elm Tree farm has 80 acres of land, which allows the horses to be horses.
Although our stock is handled daily as they come up for water and feed, they are
not pen raised. This natural approach builds muscle and bone strength plus
creates a relaxed willing mind.  While pasture kept - the horses are fed dairy
quality alfalfa all year -
I keep one ton bales available as an at-will supplement to
the limestone based native grasses.
. Well fed mares produce strong off-spring.

Lamar is located in Colorado's Arkansas Valley where irrigated farms produce
dairy quality alfalfa, which is shipped all over the United States.
Elm Tree Farm -  located on the
historic Santa Fe Trail
Completed Fall of 2008, our long planned new pipe and
cable pens and arena project was completed - replacing
our pole corrals.

6 individual constructed from pipe and cable are each
100 foot long x 14 foot wide with water to each pen and 2
separated 40 ft circular panel pens for wet mares.

Each run is connected to our 114 x 50 breeding pen and
the 100 x 150 arena and turnout area by aisle ways at
each end.

Materials are purchased for additional set of pens and
turnouts pending my making a decision on where I want
them built! Unlike my portable panels - these puppies
can't be moved around when I change my mind!
The record breaking 100 year snow storm of 2007
provides the photo on the right....... Look closely
and you can discern the heifer covered in snow and
ice cycles - alive and well!

I bought snow shoes after this storm dumped over 6
foot in 3 days. I didn't get to use them until
Christmas storm of 2011.
Southeast Colorado is rarely covered by snow - this is our beautiful Christmas snow of