Sabino markings
Elm Tree Farm selects bloodstock based on
exceptional genetics and performance.

We use retired Race horses as the
foundation of our breeding program.
Therefore, our foals come from proven stock
with a genetic heritage of earnings and

The race mares were chosen based the fact
that they retired sound. Our goal is to put
soundness at the base of our breeding
program - no horse.
Three A++ 2010 geldings of
2010 by Symbolic Times
are available for purchase.
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A++ Colt by Symbolic Times
Pictured taken at less than 24 hours
old - Double registered JC & APHA
A little chrome and a lot of class
Stallion bred for speed and eligible to
race in both JC and APHA venues
2010 stallion by Symbolic Times
JC Colt by $129,818 mare out of $123,949 sire
pictured only hours after foaling born April 15th
Birds in my Pocket - unraced
Double Registered JC & APHA
by Spot Pocket ($14,092)JC/APHA out of the Don B.
($225,900) mare -
Lady Pickpocket ($129,818)
She'sawildrush -by Wild Rush out of a
Northern Prospect mare
2010 A++ nick Colt by Symbolic Times @
15 days
A++ Colt @ 60 days
Symbolic Times out of Birds in my Pocket
A++ Colt by Symbolic Times out of Lady Pickpocket @60 days
Foal Pedigree
A++ Colt @ 60 days
100% sold. A buyer took every mare - foal -
gelding - we had!

CUT and SHOOT and two mares are the
only remaining stock - as they were not
offered for sale.

THANK YOU Jim and Lisa. Barrel - roping -
and cutting horse training and prospects
available from Jim and Lisa. I'll be
providing contact information and a link
later. Check back....